Pita – Bengali Movie – 2/15

Pita directed by Swapan Ghoshal is a grievous tale portraying the reality where parents are treated like animals in todays era. An honest person, Sibshankar Mukherjee (Aloknath) lives happily with his wife Archana (Laboni Sarkar) and two sons Bijan (Barat Kal) & Sujan (Raja Chatterjee) and an adopted son Raju (Jishu Sengupta). Sibshankar is a motor mechanic. He earns money for his family but his sons need more money. Sujan loves a rich girl Gargi. Gargi’s father Aditya Narayan Chowdhury (Dulal Lahiri) tries to capture Sujan and decides to fix his daughter’s marriage with him. Sibshankar does not agree with that. Suddenly Sibshankar has an accident and one of his hands is paralised. Sujan leaves the house to stay with Gargi. Bijan throws out Sibshanker from his house. Raju arranges for money and stays at a small house. Raju donates his kidney and buys a garage for Sibshankar. Sibshankar becomes a rich man. Bijan is arrested by the police. Sujan realises his fault and wants to came back home. But Sibshankar does not agree with that. Arcahana misunderstands Sibshankar. Sibshankar can not forgive his children. He is shocked and suffers a heart attack. Sibshankar dies and every one realises their fault. Click www.rajshribengali.com to watch the best of Bengali films and songs.

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