Sundari Komola – Ram Sampath, Usri Banerjee & Aditi Singh Sharma – Coke Studio @ MTV Season 3

Sundari Komola – Ram Sampath, Usri Banerjee & Aditi Singh Sharma – Coke Studio @ MTV Season 3. Referencing some of his influential past work, Ram Sampath introduces a re-invention of his song ‘Souls on Parade’, from his former rock-band Colorblind. Adi…

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Sundari Komola - Ram Sampath, Usri Banerjee & Aditi Singh Sharma - Coke Studio @ MTV Season 3, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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25 Responses to Sundari Komola – Ram Sampath, Usri Banerjee & Aditi Singh Sharma – Coke Studio @ MTV Season 3

  1. Jawad Sheri says:

    I am not a critic but India lost the roots of subcontinent music. After
    year 2000 Indian music is going very poor.
    Where is Kumar sanu, kavita kirshna murti, The hariharan, Asha bhoslay ji.
    and a long list india need sanjay leela bhansali kind of composers to
    correct the way of indian music(pure eastern music) Please Please Please
    Minus the western touch from indian music. We Pakistani grew up with Indian
    romantic Music but now few people like Anu malik, Himesh reshamia, arjit
    singh sorry to say raping the Indian music and crying all the time please
    do something….Love you india´╗┐

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  2. Coke Studio @ MTV says:

    A superb song that will brighten your weekend, here’s ‘Sundari Komola’ by
    Ram Sampath. Enjoy: #cokestudioatmtv´╗┐

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  3. BoyBangla says:

    Why are all these “mullahs” here ranting the pious crap? Man, you fckers
    should not even be watching or listening to music.

    Music evolves, music is universal, there are many renditions, covers,
    samples. Bengali music is not confined to Bangladesh, indeed the Bangla
    delta region is thousands of years old, yet Bangaldesh merely 43 years, so
    there cannot be any exclusive claim to Bengali “culture” by Bangladeshis
    alone. It is debatable which “Bengal” region this song actually originates
    from, as many dialects lay claim.

    And for those who hate India, if it was not their help, you ignorant
    mullahs in East Pakistan would have been continually exploited of natural
    resources by the West Pakistani [Your masters] and be reduced to eating
    Chappatis and forced to speaking and writing Urdu, instead of Bengali, the
    very language this “Bengali” song is in, to which you ironically claim.

    Joi Bangla. Joi BongoBodhu´╗┐

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  4. shopnoraj says:

    If u don’t mind guys, let me tell u a unliking truth, “This song is stolen
    from Bangladeshi Folk”. Now let me tell u, why i’ve used the term “stolen”.
    Because, original lyrics has been changed, also the accent, rythm and tempo
    (which consists a song) was not appropiate. Let me clear a thing, Fusion
    song doesn’t allow to change the fundamentals of songs. Yes, you can make
    the tempo faster but that doesn’t mean you can deform it. I’m not
    Bangladeshi, but I listened lot of Bangladeshi Folk Songs. Lastly, let me a
    clear a concept, Bangladesh is actually the origin of some types of songs,
    such as Lalon, Vatiali, Polligeeti, JariSari and some others. Hence, Bangla
    songs of Bangladesh are much more richer than those of Western Bengal.
    Anyone can copy but can’t mimic, because these songs actually comes from
    heart and soul and sung by those who have the test and smell of that place.
    Similarly, it’s true if a Bangladeshi tries to sing a Punjabi, Marathi

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  5. krish c says:

    i could not understand the language but the song was incredible…´╗┐

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    It would have been far better if that boring SLUT was not included…. ´╗┐

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  7. varun nair says:

    Many s**t tards over here claim to have knowledge about bengali music. and
    that this song is stolen. where are the COPYRIGHTS ??? You have them ???

    This is an amazingly awesome Bengali Fusion, listen , enjoy and Move on.
    If your religious or s**tty sentiments are hurt, go file a case rather than
    spreading sadness.´╗┐

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  8. Laayes says:

    Superb, I like this song because it’s music is so smooth and melodious, it
    touched my heart ´╗┐

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  9. Kh. Rafique Abdullah says:

    Most of the peole doesnt know that this Bengali folk song is originally
    sung by the Legendary Bangladeshi singer & composer Mr. Abbas Uddin Ahmed

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  10. BRUNO MANSINI says:

    Wonderful! :)´╗┐

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  11. Anny Ahmed says:

    Just fatafati……´╗┐

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  12. Sanaur Rahman says:

    Amazing song! Bengali folk music rocks!´╗┐

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  13. Bad Boy says:

    At first, I have thought that the song has been completely destroyed.
    But after, listening the full song, I must say, Whoaa!!! Awesome fusion.
    Ram Sampath rockss..
    From a BANGALI. Also the song is not raped as per some retards. Instead,
    it’s now became more presentable.
    Amago Dasher gaan aaj sobbai sunche. Bilaateo sunche. Haalay er cheye Khusi
    aaro kise homu!!!! ^*^ ^*^´╗┐

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  14. Varun Pandey says:

    Nice fusion. Loved the energy. Kudos!!!´╗┐

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  15. Murtaza Lodi says:

    The first person to popularize this tune was Nirmalendu Chowdhury from
    Sylhet in today’s Bangladesh. NC later migrated to Kolkata in India.

    This tune originates from the Mymensingh Sylhet belt of what is now
    Bangladesh. It would be nice if the people who uploaded this video,
    includes this information later :)´╗┐

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  16. Annwesh Mukherjee says:

    Amazing kya baat Raam-sahab! From Nirmalendu to Swapan Basu to Bhoomi to
    Coke Studio via several Bauls – the song just lives on forever.´╗┐

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  17. Asfia Gulrukh says:

    Its better if some songs are kept original. Fusion is no good if its
    spoiling the cultural foundation and not keeping in mind that its also
    meant for Bangladeshi audience.´╗┐

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  18. mx abdullah says:

    So osthir song´╗┐

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  19. 1957Anwar says:

    Oh! the first 1:32 is craps. The goodies starts after.´╗┐

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  20. Ohok Shakil says:

    Awesome Awesome Awesome Song EXCEPT the ENGLISH part m/´╗┐

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  21. Santosh Malipatil says:

    In between a blend of Scorpions !!´╗┐

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  22. parvaj moon says:

    Superb ,,, awesome ,,, I must use some more good words for the song but the
    slut really awkward here !!!!´╗┐

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  23. Kisna Royal says:

    bhalo bhashi´╗┐

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  24. Sudip Choudhury says:

    Ooof! sobai ek ekjon biggo bichi..
    Guys, if you are here, then just cut the crap and listen to the
    music… why so much of discussion about history, geography, racism,
    religion blah blah blah…
    If you like it then listen and enjoy, else just go to a different song. I
    am no expert in music, but I love to listen to what I like, whether its
    Metallica or Rabindra sangeet. Keep it simple. Peace! ´╗┐

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  25. neamat ullah says:

    disgusting camera moving!´╗┐

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