Turin – rup bane nache – bangladeshi idol

Turin – rup bane nache – bangladeshi idol. Turin bangladeshi idol contestant gala round redwan1986@hotmail.co.uk redwanxl@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/redwan1986.

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  1. Pravir Bose says:

    The 3rd judge (a bearded gentleman) said the word “juRi” should have been
    pronounced as “juDi” by Turin, but in the original song sung by Mila, the
    word HAS been pronounced as “juRi” and NOT “juDi”. So Turin had only sung
    the song as per the original version.

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  2. Chanchal Mostofa says:

    Milla Is Milla…… Turin Parleyna…. Amar Money Hoilo KaK Hoia Mour’r
    Pekhom Porar Chesta….

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